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Interesting Criminal Law cases: Caylee Marie Anthony

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missingCaylee Marie Anthony was a two year old girl who lived with her mother Casey and her grandparents in Orlando, Florida. Cindy, Caylee’s grandmother reported her missing on June 15th 2008 because she hasn’t seen her for 31 day and Casey’s car smelled like there was a dead body in it. Casey sad several fake explanations to her mother Cindy about the whereabouts of Caylee. Casey said to police that Caylee was kidnapped by her nanny on June 9 and that she was trying to find her, also she said that she was too afraid to call the police.

Casey was found not guilty for murder and charged with only providing false information to a law enforcement officer. This trial was covered by media and broadcasted by one of the major television networks, public was outraged with the verdict and this trial was called ‘social media trial of the century’.

Caylee’s hair was found in Casey’s car and it was medically determined that that was hair from a dead body. Investigator found Google records of searching the terms ‘neck breaking’ and ‘how to make chloroform’ on Casey’s computer and only on Internet Explorer Browser, other social networks were neglected.

Jury took only 15 minutes of time to announce acquittal for this young woman, who you can say with almost certainty was a murdered of this innocent little girl. Casey was sentenced to one year in prison because of providing false information to law enforcement officers. She was released on July 17th 2011. This case was often compared to O.J. Simpson’s which ended with not guilty verdict too.

A prosecutor on this case, Nancy Grace’s response on a verdict was “The Devil is Dancing Tonight”.



‘Caylee’s Law’ was created because of the public reactions to this case. It included stricter requirements on parents to notify disappearance of the child to law enforcement.


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Interesting Criminal Law cases: Dr. Conrad Murray

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One of the most watched trials was surely trial ‘California v. Murray’ to Michael Jackson’s physician Conrad Murray. Murray was charged for involuntary murder, causing Michael Jackson’s death by overdosing him with propofol.

Prosecutor on this case said that misplacing trust in Murray hand’s cost Michael his life. Defense lawyer said as well as Murray claimed that Michael took several tablets of sedative because he was tired from rehearsing, and after that he took self-administered propofol that was the reason of his premature death. He also said that he was by singer’s side every night begging him to take powerful drugs that could make him sleep since he was insomniac. However prosecution brought evidences that showed that the role of propofol had directly affected Michael’s death. If you want to be well informed  please contact his response .


After hearing opening statements of both prosecution and defense, Jury saw pictures of Michaels body and heard recording of Michael’s last speech shortly before his death. Kenny Ortega, the first witness testified a little after that. In the next two days several witnesses were called to testify, one of them was Alberto Alvarez, Michael’s bodyguard, who testified that Murray told him to get rid of the bottle of propofol that was standing on Michael’s bedside table and then to call 911. Paramedics that found Michael dead in his room testified on the next day. Testimonies were taken for next nineteen days.

On the 18th day, Lunette Sampson was called to testify, she was another patient of Murray’s, she said that she hasn’t seen a doctor who is more caring and thorough like Murray, furthermore he took care of people without money pro bono. On the 23rd day jury heard instructions from judge and closing arguments of both sides, prosecution’s and defense’s.

Conrad Murray tells his story | 24 November 2013

Jury deliberated for eight straight hours and reached a verdict, he was punished with four years in prison. Even though Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to spend four years in prison, he was released on 28th October, 2013 because of his good behavior, after serving two years in prison. One more thing that contributed to his release is prison overcrowding.

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